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"And in the end, we were all just humans.. drunk on the idea that love, only love, could heal our brokenness."
F. Scott Fitzgerald

Oh my God im turning 18

i want one
My bestfriend and I at her prom last Friday 
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 Although this isnt a picture of me its close to my heart. These are my cousins about 10 years ago or so, before everything changed. They say memories in pictures dont change even when the people in them do. this couldnt be more true.

Imanol (Right): this littem man can brighten anyones day with just a smile. he just had that vibrant personality just full of happiness and just a chill kid. Just pure innocence.
October 17, 2003. You passed away. So so young. You had yet to live out your beautiful life. i remember bits and pieces of this date. No one knew why it happened. It was so sudden. You were at daycare going about your day when all of a sudden you stopped what you were doing and you looked up. As if you knew what was going to happen.You took your last breath right then. It Happened too soon. My God you were only four. And i was only 7 and til this day i still feel guilty because i didnt understand. I never cried about your passing. I remember all the times we shared together and all of our secrets. Holy crap i miss you. I hope you’re watching over me little man. I Hope You’re Okay. Its not a goodbye, its a see you later.
Luis Jr. (Center): Oh the jokester. Being the youngest out of all the cousins after his brother we would always tease him ofcourse out of love. I wouldnt change him for the world. he was so smart and funny. He wasnt ever afraid to tell you his opinion.
May 08, 2011.You had an accident. It was the day after your First Communion and you went out to your friends house. you and your best buds went bike riding and you were a little behind them. But it was too much for your  heart. you had a heart attack and fell off the bike. Heart attacks arent suppose to happen to 13 year olds. your friends didnt notice you werent behind them anymore but when they noticed they circled back. some people on the street noticed you didnt get back up off the ground. they had to call the ambulance twice. If they would have gotten there sooner you wouldnt be in the condition you are now. That was the scariest day ever. we almost lost you. You were partially brain dead from lack of oxygen to the brain. you were placed on life support the doctors tried everything possible for you. But your mother never lost faith. she said “I believe theres a God and we’ll keep fighting for my sons life.” Two years later here we are. You’re much better now, you’re slowly recuperating. your brain cells are slowly growing back. you’ll be at your best in no time. I know our little angel is looking over his big brother. i love you.

Eric (Left): My future Marine. He has this tought exterior but the biggest heart in the world. Always so humble and respectful. He has such motivation and dedication toward his dreams and goals. I can trust him with my life. He would never hesistate to put others before him.
August 05, 2013. You’ll be off to Paris Island, SC to complete bootcamp. No longer will i have someone to talk to wether its at 3 pm or 2 am. I’ve always felt like i can talk to you openly about anything without judgement. We grew so close this past year i wish i would have had more time before you were off to bootcamp. You’re like my big brother always tormenting me but always so protective. You’re the only one who was as affected about the past tragedies as i was. i know that once you’re in the marine corps we’ll drift apart. I just hope that wont happen. You’re that guy all the girls dream to have. You’ve proven chivalry isnt dead. thank you for always being around. i love you.

These boys will always have a place in my heart. i love them all unconditionally and i wish things were different but everything happens for a reason. They have all taught me important lessons in life and i will never forget it. I’ve matured a lot. that happens when you’re forced to grow up. i didnt do this so much for others but for me. but if you’ve read this far thank you for sticking around and hearing my story.
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Me in PE
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